Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does find its arbs?
    Using special automated software to gather data from bookmaker sites in real-time, we provide you the most effective arbitrage-alert solution available. All of the work is done on our world-class servers and once an opportunity is found, the details are immediately transmitted to you.

  2. Does bet on their own arbs?
    No. If we were to bet on the arbs ourselves it would mean more money going on the selections and so the odds could change even faster, meaning our members had less of a chance to place their bets. This would be bad for our members, and ultimately not good business sense for us.

  3. How much money do I need to invest - is there a minimum?
    There's no minimum amount of money necessary to take avantage of sports arbitrage. Obviously, the more you invest, the more you'll make in return! It's best to have at least £500 to show a decent return on your money.

  4. Can I place arbs without a UK bank account?
    Yes. The most common way to fund a bookmaker's account is by credit card. Winnings can normally be paid back to this credit card, but you should consult each individual bookmaker's procedures for details.

  5. How long does it take to place an arb?
    Once you know what you're doing and are used to placing the bets it should take under 5 minutes to complete from the time you receive an Arb Alert.

  6. Is it an advantage to have broadband internet access?
    Yes. Although you much it would help does depend on your own skill. Broadband means you can be connected permanently to the internet and could receive our email alerts instantly. Bookmakers’ websites would load faster and therefore you would have more time in which to place your bets. You could learn to find your own arbs and it would be easier with fast-loading websites.

  7. Can I have a free trial before I join?
    No, we does not offer free trials of our arbitrage alert service. We believe that to do so would unfairly disadvantage our paying subscribers. However you may see our Free Sports Arbitrage section to get an idea of our service.

  8. How long prior to a event starting are your arbitrage alerts?
    Typically arbs will be for events that are 6-12 hours ahead.

  9. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
    If you forget your password you can use our "Forgot Password" feature that will lookup your password and email it to you. Alternatively you can email us and we will retrieve your password for you.

  10. Do your alerts indicate the date of the sporting event?
    Most events occur within a maximum of a couple of days of our finding the arb, so we don’t give the dates.

  11. How much information does each arb alert contain?
    Our arb alerts detail the bookmakers involved (including links to the websites), the event and selections, the odds at which to back the selections, and the percentage profit to be made.

  12. How many bookmakers' accounts do I need to open?
    To take advantage of all the arbs that we deliver, you will need to open accounts with most of the sportsbooks we monitor. However, in practice a smaller number of approximately 10 bookmakers are used for the majority of arbs.

  13. Should I open bookmaker accounts before I join
    It would be useful to have opened all your accounts first. This way you're ready to place your first bet as soon as you've subscribed.

  14. Does it cost anything to open accounts with bookmakers?
    No. They don't charge a fee to open an account. Some foreign bookmakers may require a deposit when you join. The important UK bookmakers do not require payments.

  15. Which credit / debit cards can be used with bookmakers?
    UK bookmakers accept UK debit cards (Switch, Solo, Delta etc...) as well as credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). Foreign bookmakers usually only accept Visa and MasterCard.

  16. How long does it take to open an account with a bookmaker?
    Aproximately 5 minutes.

  17. Can US citizens invest in sports arbs?
    US anti-gambling laws passed in late 2006 mean that most of the bookmakers that we use no longer accept US clients.

  18. Do bookmakers limit arb traders' accounts? Can it be avoided?
    In theory, bookmakers should not care why you place your bets, as long as they make a profit. And given the chances that half of your bets with any given bookmaker will lose, some people say that bookmakers don't care if you're an arb trader.

  19. How long does it take for me to get my winnings?
    Once an even has concluded, bookmakers settle bets quite quickly, usually within a couple of hours, and pay the winnings into your online account. You must then log in and request a withdrawal. When withdrawing money to a UK bank account it takes a couple of days for the funds to clear, just like when paying a cheque in.

  20. How much can I invest in arbitrage opportunities?
    Each bookmaker will have a maximum stake and this varies for each bet depending on the odds and the size of the event. Unfortunately you cannot invest £10,000 in each arb and earn £250 each time! The maximum stakes are usually between £500 and £5,000 but this varies greatly from each event and each bookmaker. On some bets you may be allowed £2,500 but on others only £50.

  21. Will bookmakers always pay out?
    As with every business, there is always the chance that a bookmaker can go bankrupt and take your money with them. However we only use bookmakers that are well-established and we trust them with our own money. If you have a problem with a bookmaker who will not pay out (unrelated to bankruptcy) you may take your case to a gambling industry association such as IBAS. In English law, betting agreements are not regarded as legally binding contracts (as it is historically not a legal pursuit) and so you cannot sue a bookmaker for breach of contract if they will not pay out. However using reputable bookmakers makes this largely unnecessary anyway.

  22. How quickly do bookmakers return my money (winnings)?
    This depends on the bookmaker. Once the bet has been settled (within a couple of hours of the event finishing), the money goes into your online bookmakers’ account. You must then request a payout. The bookmaker may do this within 24 hours (or less) or it could take a couple of days. When using a UK debit card we always allow around 5 days from the time of placing the bet until the winnings are back in your bank account.
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