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Should I start sports arbitrage betting?

This is the question that everyone who comes to this site wants answered for them. Deciding to trade isn’t a matter of signing up to something and then forgetting about it. There is work involved, there is learning involved, and a degree of commitment is required for long term profits. That being said, it is one of the advantages of arbitrage that you can pull the plug at any time without incurring any losses. There is no ‘deposit term’ on arbitrage and all of your money is permanently under your own control. No one starts arbing with the intention to quit though, so lets look at what needs to be done to be successful.

In order to be successful in sports arbitrage betting, you must:

  1. Be prepared to keep your trading very organized.
  2. Be prepared to dedicate time learning the basics.
  3. Ensure you are willing to react whenever an arb is found.
  4. Accept that there is a learning period.

Getting organized really isn’t too hard, but if you don’t get a system sorted out from the outset, then you may end up confusing yourself and making mistakes. You will be opening accounts with anything up to 50 or more different bookmakers, you better have a method of keeping track of all of the passwords and usernames you use plus all of the different account balances. Monitoring your bets and profits is a great idea too so you can watch your progress.

In the first few months you will have to tough out the learning curve. You will have to become accustomed to each bookmaker, to each method of navigation and the different ways of displaying the bets. You will need to optimize your ability to react to the arb alerts with a level head allowing you to quickly note the key details you need to remember as you navigate the bookmaker site. So expect to learn a few things.

If you choose to subscribe to our alert program, you need to be sure that when an arb alert comes through, you are ready to react. And as the first couple of months progress, realize that these learning months are going to be the worst months you will ever have. As your experience grows, your results will only improve.

What to do next?

That very simple list gives you an idea of what the commitment is, but luckily you still don’t have to jump into this blindly. It is possible to “Get Started” without committing yourself to anything and trailing the whole thing for a while.

You need three things to get started with sports arbitrage betting:

  1. Bookmaker Accounts
  2. E-wallet Accounts
  3. Sports Arbitrage Alert Service

Bookmaker Accounts

Clearly you need bookmaker accounts, so there is a database full of all of the bookmakers for you to browse and register at. That’s free to do, so no commitment there.

Please see a list of bookmakers we use at http://www.arbets.com/bookmakers/

We only monitor SportsBookReview.com trusted sportsbooks with a SBR Rating of A, B or C. This is done to protect your funds from scams who provide high odds, but no chance to recover your money.

E-wallet Accounts

E-wallet accounts are necessary because you will want a fast secure way of depositing and withdrawing from the bookmakers. Registering at those is free and commits you to nothing.

Some of the popular e-wallets are:

  • Moneybookers (www.moneybookers.com) - Moneybookers is arguably the best e-wallet for the purposes of sports betting arbitrage. It is accepted by the majority of online sportsbooks as a method of deposit and withdrawal, often free from fees. Moneybookers accepts membership from every country in the world, except countries listed by the OECD. Moneybookers accept every major currency, and most other common currencies.
  • Neteller (www.neteller.com) - Neteller is the second contender for the best E-wallet for sports betting arbitrage. Neteller is accepted in approximately as many places as Moneybookers, perhaps even more, but they only accept four primary currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD), they have larger fees, and more limitations.
  • e-gold (www.e-gold.com) - e-gold is actually not a mainstream e-wallet, but a number of bookmakers do accept e-gold.

For all intents and purposes, Moneybookers and Neteller are the only e-wallets an arber needs to know about. Following however are some of the other e-wallets and funding methods available for many bookmakers.

Sports Arbitrage Alert Service

Finally you need the sports arbitrage betting alerts to place your bets.

You can get some free arbs at our Free Sports Arbitrage page.

Please see http://www.arbets.com/free_sports_arbitrage/

Arbets.com provides you with free sports arbitrage alerts for all arbs with profit less than 1%. Occasionally we also send a free arb having profit over 1%. But all arbs we find out with less than 1% profit is completely free.

This way you can test the sports arbitrage betting market without committing yourself to anything.


How to Get started in sports arbitrage advice and information on E-wallets kindly provided by SportsArbitrageGuide.com

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