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Sports Arbitrage Betting - Tips & Tricks

In this article we highlight various tips and tricks that will be useful in sports arbitrage betting.

If you have any tips or tricks that you wish to share, please send it to us. If the tip is accepted, we will include it in this article along with your name, email & website, if you wish.

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Tip 1 » Avoid Long-Term Arbs

Try to avoid long term arbs, because it’s more profitable in the long run if you bet on a greater number of less profitable arbs in the time that your money would be tied up with a more profitable long-term arb.

Tip 2 » How to avoid Transaction Fees imposed by Bookmakers?

Use e-wallets like Moneybookers or Neteller whenever possible, as most bookmaker do not charge any transaction fee for deposit/withdrawals done through e-wallet accounts.

Also you may try to use a debit card (e.g. Switch), because virtually nobody charges fees for their use.

If it’s not possible to avoid fees, leave your money with that bookmaker for the next arb so that you don’t have to make another deposit in future, thereby avoiding the fees.

Another clever option is to “arb your money out” of a bookmaker that charges fees. This is simply finding an arb (even a tiny one) so that your winnings will be paid into a bookmaker who doesn’t charge for withdrawals.

Tip 3 » Some Staking Tips

Here are some important points to remember when you stake a bet:

  1. Never bet the maximum. Always bet 20-25% under the maximum allowed.
  2. Always stake whole numbers (e.g. £33 instead of £32.76 etc…) so as not to stand out.
  3. Don’t bet on the same selection with that bookmaker again. You may find another arb on the same event, but don’t use the same bookmakers to bet on the same event or selection again.
  4. Don’t back more than one selection with the same bookmaker. You may find an arb where you would back two selections in a 3-way event with one bookmaker. Avoid doing this because few “normal” punters would do so and your bets will stick out a mile.
  5. Don’t withdraw all your funds after each bet. It’s tempting to get all your money out after each winning bet so that you can use it immediately somewhere else. Bookmakers know this pattern of betting and withdrawing and will start to restrict your bets.

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