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By accessing the Arbets.com website, becoming a member or making use of any of our information or services, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


All material on this web site including but not limited to any text, graphics, photographs or other information is the property of Arbets.com. Without prior permission, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, modify or in any way commercially exploit any content from this web site or any other information produced by Arbets.com. It is also forbidden to redistribute any information originating from Arbets.com regardless of whether it is sold, exchanged or given away.


While Arbets.com takes all due care and attention to ensure that both the content of this web site and the information that we supply is accurate, you agree that you use any information supplied by Arbets.com at your own risk. Arbets.com does not give any warranties in respect to the information that we make available, and this is used on an "as is", "with all faults" and "when available" basis. Arbets.com hereby disclaims all warranties, conditions and duties, in particular and warranties or duties regarding accuracy, timeliness, completeness, lack or negligence of due care and attention, to the extent applicable under law. Arbets.com makes no express warranties.


By making use of information supplied by Arbets.com, you hereby indemnify Arbets.com to the full extent applicable under law from liability to you and/or any third party for any consequential or incidental damages that arise.


Arbets.com is in the business or alerting our subscribers to the existence of arbitrage bets. We provide information relating to bookmakers odds that is correct at the time of sending but members must decide at their own risk how to use this information. We cannot guarantee the availability of arbitrage bets once we have sent the information out. We alert our subscribers as soon as we find an opportunity and ensure that it is available at the time of sending. However once we have issued an Arb Alert we cannot guarantee its further availability. Members should always check the information before placing any bets because Arbets.com is not liable for any errors contained in our Arb Alerts although all due care and attention is taken to ensure accuracy.


It is strictly forbidden for subscribers to share or otherwise reveal any information obtained directly or indirectly arising for membership of Arbets.com. This is an express condition of membership and any breach may result in immediate termination of membership without prior notice or refund.

Acceptable Usage

Arbets.com may cancel subscriptions without notice or refund if we believe, at our discretion, that a subscriber's usage is unacceptable. This relates mainly but is not limited to accessing of the private Members' Area. It is strictly forbidden to use any form of automated software that periodically logs into or loads the Members Area.


All sales are final. Services are sold on a no-refund basis.


Your privacy is of paramount importance to Arbets.com. Any personal information that you provide us with in the course accessing our services will not be sold, rented, shared or otherwise disclosed to any other party. In addition, we will not send unsolicited junk mail or email messages to you and will only contact you if it is necessary or we feel that it is in your best interests for us to do so.


Arbets.com reserves the right to terminate use of or access to this web site and/or our services without prior notice with immediate effect if it decided at our sole discretion that any member has breached these Terms or have engaged in any conduct that we believe is unacceptable.


Arbets.com provides gambling and betting material for informational purposes only. We do not advocate gambling and you should be aware that in many jurisdictions it may be illegal and engaging in these activities may cause you to be liable for prosecution (e.g. many states in the U.S.). Please be aware that for many people, gambling is addictive and you should seek professional help if you believe that you have a problem.

Modification of Terms

Arbets.com reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without prior notice. Any new Terms will take effect immediately and members are required to ensure that they comply with current Terms available on this web site.
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